Aimed at bringing intellects together, Spardha sets a right platform for budding quizzers to stand out. With over 100 teams across various cities in south India, dueling in the battle of wits, Spardha sparks the right start for inquisitive minds.


Aspiring to discover the tech-savvy you, blaze the trail at Spectra! With a range of mind bewildering events at your disposal, let your curiosity kill the cat as you strike the hill top! Keep your spirits up and stay tuned.

Robo wars

Fascinated and ready to power up your robot? Make these technologies wonders that move majestically and perform a plethora of tasks. Feel the adrenaline rush as your robot outperforms its competitors.

Game Events

Call of duty, DOTA, FIFA, Mini Militia and what not? Bring out the dauntless gamer inside your combatant souls, because we are going to swoop down to bring out the belligerent you!


Moving up the ladder, Hackathon contest is all set to challenge the tech aficionados! Get set to jump in to the first ever battle at such a grand scale!