"Ideas pull the trigger, but instincts load the gun".
Don't let your powerful thoughts get burrowinside your marvel brain. Come and pitch it here, and lay the foundation for bountiful technical innovations.


Invoking the managerial skills in you, these events has something for all!These events are synonymous to the real life scenarios and bring out the JUGAAD in all of you. Fun being our forte and tech being the need of the hour, we ideate in bringing people from different principles (Law, arts, engg., management) together in a common platform to explore beyond their respective boundaries.

StartUp Weekend

The secret of getting ahead is getting started !!! There's a whole lot of things which are present in the world and here's your chance to unleash your ultimate zenith to become the next Elon musk !!!! Daksh 2k18 presents start-up weekend !!! Even your favourite fruit can one day become your own company !!!


Life catches us through billions of surprises !!! So let your dreams come true in reality by getting a chance to immerse yourselves into paramount organisations !!! Daksh 2k18 presents internsfair - An astounding augmentor for your career !!!!


Walk in to our venue with just a pen to ink down answers. You have the chance to win a seat in SASTRA’s very own racing team. For the first time, we the SASTRA Racing Team are collaborating with DAKSH to conduct an event cum recruitment process. Apart from this top three winners will get exciting goodies